Consent for the Sharing of Student Data & Information

What is needed?

The Anishinabek Education System (AES) requires two forms to be filled out by the parent/legal guardian of AES students (who are 15 years and younger) or the AES students themselves (who are 16 years and older):

1. Anishinabek Education System Consent Form (download or print)

2. Anishinabek Education System Student Information Form (download or print)

*An AES student is a student who is from one of the 23 Participating First Nations (PFNs). To view the list of PFNs, please visit

How to provide consent

    Step 1
    Access the forms

    Step 2
    Fill out the forms

    • Option 1: Fill out by hand (if you prefer bringing the form back to your Participating First Nation Education Department)
    • Option 2: Fill out the form online (if you prefer to submit the form by email)

    Step 3
    Submit the forms

    • Option 1: Submit by mail or in-person to your Participating First Nation Education Department
    • Option 2: Send via email to the Data Management Officer. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Why is it important to provide consent?

    • We will be able to follow AES students into Ontario’s system and provide them with assistance and support.
    • A fluid transition of records between AES and Ontario systems will ease school administration and reduce errors. It will make transition easier for programming.
    • When we know more about AES students, we can do more to support them.
    • Communities and schools can capture accurate educational statistics for on and off-reserve students. This will help identify learning trends and needs of AES students that are both on and off-reserve.
    • Helps teachers to deliver responsive programs that meet Anishinabek standards
    • We will have accurate information to support AES students.

    How will student data and information be used?

    There is a Data and Information Sharing Agreement signed between the Kinoomaadziwin Education Body and Ontario. It indicates that student data and information will only be used to further the objectives of the Master Education Agreement. Under this agreement, Anishinabek Education System student information may be used for the following purposes:

    • to support Anishinabek student success and wellbeing;
    • to support continuous improvement in education effectiveness;
    • to inform ongoing system and school-level planning; 
    • to inform priorities for professional learning;
    • to prepare public reports in accordance with the Master Education Agreement;
    • to support research, as described in the Master Education Agreement;
    • to support evaluation and monitoring activities;
    • to inform the development of the Mutli-Year Action Plan and the Transfer Payment Agreement, as described in the MEA;
    • to meet multi-level reporting requirements under the Master Education Agreement;
    • to support activities under the Multi-Year Action Plan; and
    • other purposes agreed to in writing by the Parties. 

    Additional Resources

    1. Consent Form Packages: What’s in the Package? (PDF) *If you are an Education Director, please note that Consent Form Packages can be mailed to your Education Department for distribution.
    2. Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
    3. Letter to Parents (PDF)
    4. Letter to Participating First Nations (PDF)
    5. About the Agreement (PDF)


    For assistance completing and submitting your consent form, please contact the KEB’s Data Management Officer, Tracy Hanzlik, at

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