Waabijigan – Vision

Our vision statement is a concise description of what we are working towards as an education system. It is a long-term, aspirational statement that will guide the work of the Kinoomaadziwin Education Body (KEB) and the Anishinabek Education System (AES) over the next five years.

Gakina ni-gikinoo’amaaganaanig ji-miikwenimowaad, jiminosewaad, zoongiziwaad, anishinaabemowin, anishinaabewaadiziwin, miinawaa anishinaabe gikendaasowin.

“All of our students are confident, successful, and strong in their language, culture, and traditional knowledge.”

Ezhchiigigan – Mission Statement

Our mission statement describes what we are doing right now to achieve the vision.

Ni-wiiji’aamin ni-gikinoo’amaaganaanig ji-bimosewaad, Anishinaabewaadiziwin-gikendaasowin miikana.

“We support our students in following an Anishinaabe Aadziwin learning path.”

Core Values

The Anishinabek Education System was built on the principles of the Seven Grandfather/Grandmother Teachings. These teachings are the core values that guide the goals and objectives of the strategic plan.

Zaagidwin – Love

Debwewin – Truth

Mnaadendmowin – Respect

Nbwaakaawin – Wisdom

Dbaadendiziwin – Humility

Gwekwaadiziwin – Honesty

Aakedhewin – Bravery


Four pillars make up the foundation of the Anishinabek Education System. These pillars are essential to why the system works.

Anishinaabe Aadziwin (Anishinaabe Ways of Being)

Anishinaabe Bimaadziwin (Anishinaabe Health and Well-being)

Anishinaabemowin (Anishinaabe Language)

Ngo Dwe Waangizid Anishinaabe (One Anishinaabe Family)