Anishinaabe Aadziwin. Anishinaabe Bimaadziwin.
A holistic learning path using Anishinabek ways of knowing, celebrating a bright future for our people.

Mission Statement

Embracing our past. Empowering our future.

Guiding Vision

There must always be Anishinaabe. We, the Anishinabek, must prepare our citizens for the quality of life based on the highest standards of Anishinaabe intellectual, holistic knowledge that supports the preservation and on-going development of the Anishinaabe.

The Anishinabek Education System will make positive advances in:

  • Anishinabek student success;
  • Increasing graduation rates;
  • The development of culturally relevant curriculum and educational programs;
  • Effective and efficient financial management and administration of education funding;
  • Reliable and relevant First Nation education research, records, reporting and accountability; and
  • Viable education partnerships that support the Anishinabek First Nation’s educational goals.