Welcome to the Kinoomaadziwin Education Body

The Kinoomaadziwin Education Body (KEB) is the central administrative structure for the Anishinabek Education System and distributes education funding provided by the federal government to the Participating First Nations (PFNs). The KEB takes direction from the PFNs to support the implementation of the Regional Education Councils (RECs) educational priorities, while working with the PFNs to establish system-wide education standards and manage education relationships with the Ontario Ministry of Education. The PFNs work together with the KEB to identify and manage their educational priorities and the Anishinabek Education System's governance. The KEB supports First Nations in their delivery of education programs and services and liaises with the Province of Ontario on education matters.

Currently, there are 12 Directors selected by the Participating First Nations to the Board of Directors to oversee the work of the KEB, and the 23 PFN Chiefs oversee the work of the Board of Directors.